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Italian Music from the 60’


Around 1960’s, somewhere in Italy…

A top-secret scientific experiment, “La Dolce Vita” project, takes place in a concealed base in the Apennine Mountains in Italy. So secret that you probably heard about it only now, right?

The mission plan: to send, by means of an artificial space-time warp, a local music band into the future, in the 2000’s and in a different place, somewhat bizarre, crazy, neurotic… Los Angeles, as we call it.

The purpose: to study the reaction of 5 young (well, give ‘n’ take…) musicians relocated in the future, in a semi-hostile environment (ever been stuck on the 405 at 5 pm?), have them blend with the future society and then bring ‘em back for a detailed report on how’s life fast-forwarding in space-time.

Well, the “bring’em back” part got stuck! And so are the 5 guys. Stuck in 2010. In Los Angeles, at that! So they make a living by playing their “Italian-contemporary-hits-or-so-they-think” around town, and they never stop being amazed at how well people seem to know the songs already…

That in part explains their somewhat erratic behavior…or eccentric, at best!

But beware: the irony is that they think that folks from the 2000’s are just as bizarre!


The dudes are:


Luciano Palermi – Vocals

Robbie Angelucci – Guitars and Vocals

Francesco Soglietti- Keyboards and Vocals

Roberto Cerletti- Drums/Percussions and Vocals

Joe Ayoub – Bass and Vocals


From boring 2000’s to swinging 60’s, you choose your look to show up.


But please, just don’t tell them that their outfits are vintage.

They don’t seem to grasp the concept yet!

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